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  • Different from the radial flux structure of the traditional cylindrical generator, the disc permanent magnet generator is an axial flux generator. This kind of generator has short axial size, light weight, small volume and compact structure. Because the permanent magnet system is lossless, the gener
  • Whether to buy high-polymer gel batteries or lead-acid batteries? It seems that the functions of these two products are very similar; this article is going to tell you the differences between them and how to choose. 1. Environmental performance: gel battery uses high molecular polymer silicone elect
  • As the energy storage equipment of the wind-solar hybrid power generation system, the battery plays a very important role in the entire power generation system. As the natural wind and solar power are unstable, in the case of excessive wind and solar, store the excess power supplied. When the wind
  • Main Rotor of Permanent Magnet Generator The Main Rotor of PMG• Is a field that induces voltage in the main stator.• Powered by the exciter rotor.• Connected to the (+) and (-) rotating rectifier terminals.• Coils are connected in series around a core.– Laminated core is typical– Solid core with la
  • PMGA Generators bring many advantages:Optimization PMGA designs a new generator for each customer. Each generator is optimized in order to fit with the requirements and reach high efficiency.Compacity & weight Using permanent magnet allow to reduce size & weight. ENGELEC generators are compact and l
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