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FitDesk Under Desk Bike Pedal Generator

The Pedal generator adopt the permanent magnet generator which convert kinetic energy into electricity for charging the DC load such as battery, LED light, mobile phone etc... It is with dual USB charging port and super capacitor for storing the electricity and offer the stable output power.
  • EEPD-0.1K




Description Portable Pedal/Hand Cranked  Generator
USB quick charge output 5V3A/9V2.5A/12V2A
DC output 5.5-2.1 1-35V
Generator type Permanent magnet generator
Power capacity 100w
Rated rotate speed 60rpm
Max. rotate speed 150rpm
Weight 4.2kgs


  • Compared with the standard version, the upgraded version adds a super capacitor, which enables it to have a power storage function. It can continue to charge your device for 5-20 minutes without pedaling, and better charging stability.

  • Home sports can save electricity and spra time.

  • The interior adopts all-metal gear, slient leather belt drive, low noise.

  • 50W/100W disc coreless generator

  • Dual USB fast charge output,equipped with DC1-35V output interface





1. It is prohibited to step quickly without loadconnected, which may cause the generator voltage too high and burn out the USB regulator module.

2. USB1 and USB2 dual output, QC3.0 protocol, 5V3A/9V2.5A/12V2A charging module;

3. Keep the pedal speed constant (50-80 rpm/min). When the output voltage exceeds 40V, for protecting the output, the blue indicator light next to the USB port will go out, the generator stop output, in this case the output automatically resumes after 5 seconds of stopping stepping;

4. DC interface 1V-50V which can be used to charge a 12V battery. To charge a notebook computer, a voltage stabilization module needs to be added. (Can be used to charge electronic products above 12V, such as batteries, LED lights, etc.).

5. The model with a super capacitor can store electricity and provide stable output power. The switch next to the DC interface is a capacitor control switch. When turned on, the blue indicator light illuminates to provide stable output; The DC output is a capacitor rated voltage of 13V. It is recommended to start the capacitor switch when stepping on it, and turn off the switch when not stepping on it (avoid long-term power supply to the load when not stepping on it);

6. Please do not stand directly on the generator.




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