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EN-600W-HQL Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Generator VAWT 600W

The permanent magnetic EN-600W-HQL wind turbine blades is straight like “H” type,and combined without "Q" type. It has high-efficient energy output, is the most compact, quiet, rugged and reliable vertical axis small wind turbine. The EN-600W-HQL wind turbine is widely used in LED lighting system, signal & camera security, telecommunication field for off-grid residence. The EN-600W-HQL wind turbine is extremely easy to integrate with solar panels to create off-grid power systems that require modest amounts of energy. Available in 24V 48V for battery charging applications.
  • EN-600W-HQL


  • EN-600W-HQL


Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Generator VAWT EN-600W-HQL 600W

Product Description


  • The EN-600W-HQL is low start up wind speed, low compact, beautiful, easy installation and low vibration.

  • The EN-600W-HQL is designed on a unique low inertia axial flux generator which utilizes Neodymium permanent magnetic material.

  • The EN-600W-HQL has zero cogging with its highly efficient, allow the turbine to generate power at very low wind speeds and deliver a high output in working wind speeds.

  • The EN-600W-HQL can survive from winds up to 40m/s by a passive aero-dynamic design that reduces turbine RPM and power 

  • output at a certain threshold. 

  • The robust aluminum alloy chassis and stainless steel components are protected by the aerospace grade coatings and anodizing.


  • The EN-600W-HQL wind turbine is widely used in LED light, street signal & camera security, outdoor telecommunication system and off-grid residence.

  • The EN-600W-HQL wind turbine is extremely easy to integrate with solar panels to consist a wind & solar hybrid off-grid power systems for consistent and

    clean energy. Available in 24V, 48V for battery charging. 


  • Low starting wind speed, compact, light, beautiful and with little vibration.

  • Easy installation, flange connection, 30s can finish installation.

  • Enhanced Aluminum alloy spiral blades, spray-paint and oxidation treatment of the blades surface, anti-corrosion, artistic and durable

  • Blades color can be customized to country flag, company logo and etc.

  • Permanent magnetic or maglev generator with special stator, effectively reduce torque to be only 1/3 of ordinary generator for more excellent performance.

Specification sheet

Model EN-600W-HQL
Rated power 600W
Maximum power 620W
Rated voltage 24V
Start-up wind turbine 1.5m/s
Rated wind speed 11m/s
Survival wind turbine 35m/s
Wheel diameter 1.16m
Blade height  1.8m
Number of blades 5   pcs
Blades material Aluminum   alloy
Generator AC 3 phase PM generator outer rotor
Control system Electromagnet
Working temperature -40℃~80℃
Top net   weight 81kg
Flange size DN50

Packaging & Delivery

We as the most professional supplier and manufacturer of wind turbines, we can accept one piece & instant delivery to any place in the world. 

Our clients can choose the delivery service 

  • by expresss

  • by air

  • by sea

  • by truck.

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Q1:  Is the wind turbine easy to install ? What about the installation condition?

A:  Our small wind turbine is very convenient and easy to install. It is fixed by the flange and bolts to the base. we will offer the installation manual with the goods together, you can finish installtion within 3 minutes by following the manual.

     When installation, you'd better choose the flat and open area. We recommend the installation height should be at least 6m above ground, because higher area has stronger wind and steadier airflow.  If installed on the roof top, it's better has 5m space to the obstacles. The trees and buildings can block airflow. The obstacles create a slow and turbulent airflow area in front of and behind them, where it should be avoided to install the wind turbine.

Q2: What's the materials of the wind turbines?What's your advantage ?

A:  We use aluminum alloy material for the generator shell and blades, compared with other cast iron products, our products are light in weight, good in balance, and the power output is more stable. Our turbine blades design has the best fatigue strength and mechanical properties, can withstand the extremely severe conditions of storms and random loads. The turbine surface is smooth to reduce wind drag, the surface coating will resistant to corrosion and strong sunlight.

Q3: Which type is the generator?What's your advantage ?

A:  Our wind turbines uses a three-phase permanent magnet synchronous generator.  Its advantages is simple structure, small volume, light weight, small loss, high efficiency and high power factor. It is mainly used for high performance servo drive systems and DC generator replacement where require a quick and precise correspond and wide speed range.

Q4: How to maintain the wind turbines for extending their service life ?

A:  1. Check the stay wires of the supporting pole, if it is loose, you should tighten it in time. Multiple checkings should be repeated during the first months after installation. The stay wires should also be checked after very strong wind.

2. Check and secure that the connection point in the electrcity circuit are secured well.

3. Regular checking and maintenance for the batteries.

4. Fix the supporting pole more firmly or put down it before severe weather coming such as hurricanes.

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