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EEWI 1KVA Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Off-grid Single Phase

EEWI 1KVA Can be applied in wind, solar, wind&solar hybrid power generation system;Simple structure, complete function Low no-load loss by using industrial frequency transformer; Complete protection and alarm functions;Comply with the CE certification

EEWI 1KVA Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Off-grid Single Phase



Ø  Application in wind, Solar, Wind&Solar hybrid power generation station.

Ø  Application in household wind&solar hybrid power generation system.

Ø  Power supply for those unmanned regions like the coastal islands, remote mountainous regions and border posts.


Ø  Can be applied in wind, solar, wind&solar hybrid power generation system

Ø  Simple structure, complete function

Ø  Low no-load loss by using industrial frequency transformer

Ø  Complete protection and alarm functions

Ø  Comply with the CE certification

Technical Parameters

Model EEWI10-24 EEWI10-48
DC Input Parameters
Rated battery voltage 24Vdc 48Vdc
Input overvoltage point 34Vdc 68Vdc
Input overvoltage recovery point 33Vdc 66Vdc
Input undervoltage point 21.6Vdc 43.2Vdc
Input undervoltage recovery point 24Vdc 48Vdc
AC Output Parameters
Output phase number Single   phase
Rated output power 1KVA
Rated output voltage 110/120/220/230/240Vac
Rated output frequency 50/60±0.5HZ
THDi <4%
Max. conversion efficiency ≥85%
Protection   Functions
DC input overvoltage/ undervoltage protection YES
DC reversed connection protection YES
AC output overload protection YES
AC short circuit protection YES
Surge protection YES
Over-temperature protection YES
General Parameters
Display mode LCD
Display information Battery   voltage, AC output voltage, and working status of battery   overvoltage/undervoltage and AC output overload/short circuit.
Isolation mode Industrial   frequency isolation
No-load current ≤0.8A ≤0.4A
Environment temperature -20℃~+40℃
Humidity 5%~95%,   No condensing
Noise <60dB
Cooling mode Natural   cooling
Cover protection class IP20
Product dimension(W*H*D) 160×200×400mm
Product net weight 12kg
Note:  the listed specs are just for your   reference 



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