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EEGT 15KW On-Grid Wind Turbine Controller

EEGT 15KW with two sets of control systems:PWM constant voltage system and three-phase dump load system. Big LCD shows real-time wind turbine voltage, current, power; solar panel voltage, current, power; battery group voltage, charge current. With surge protector. When the strong or super-strong wind conditions, the controller can conduct constant voltage output to ensure the inverter safety running. EEGT 15KW equipped with emergency stop switch. And solar power control system can be also added.

EEGT 15KW On-Grid Wind Turbine Controller

On grid connection


  • The product is manufactured according the JB/T6939.1-2004 industrial standard and GB/T 19115.1-2003 national standard also with users' technical requirements.

  • Big LCD display. The images tell working state visually. Various data show: real-time wind turbine voltage, current, solar panel voltage, current, DC output voltage, current, total power generation(The main board is with button battery, in case of power failure, history data can be saved for 30 days).

  • Two sets of control systems:PWM constant voltage system and three-phase dump load system.

  • PWM constant voltage control is 120% of the rated power of the wind turbine. In case exceeding of PWM’s capacity, the three-phase dump load will automatically start immediately. After 10-20 minutes, the three-phase dump load will stop and the wind turbine will re-start to resume power supply to ensure the safe running of the overall wind turbine generation system.

  • When the strong or super-strong wind conditions, the controller can conduct constant voltage output to ensure the inverter safety running.

  • When the condition of disconnected grid-connected inverter, the controller can conduct constant voltage output and wait for inverter resumption.

  • When the grid is cut off, the three-phase dump load of the controller will automatically start to work and the inverter will stop output to grid. When the grid resuming, the controller stops three-phase dump load and the inverter will resume power supply.

  • The inside of the controller is equipped with surge protector. Contain the over voltage into the wind turbine under the bearable voltage of the equipment or system. On another way, to conduct the strong lightening current into the earth directly to avoid any damage of equipment.

  • he controller is equipped with emergency stop switch; in case of emergency, press down the emergency stop button in the front panel to cut off all power supply of the controller and the wind turbine will immediately brake(three-phase dump load).

  • The controller is equipped with manual three-phase dump load switch. To using this switch, the wind turbine will brake (three-phase dump load).

Optional Functions:

  • Adopt Modbus Communication protocol. Convenient to carry out the secondary development.

  • Adjusting the technical specification via RS485 is available. Convenient to adjust the different wind turbines for professional customers.

  • Support WIFI and GPRS. Customers can monitor the real-time working state of the on grid wind power system via PC and mobile and query history working sate. Both Android and OS are compatible in Mobile.

  • Can increase the solar panel control system according to customer requirements.

  • For the different wind turbine, the controller can be equipped with mechanical yawing, rotate tail control, furled empennage, mechanical brake, hydraulic brake, electromagnetism brake and other brake functions.

Technical Parameters

Type EEGT-15KW
Wind turbine rated power 15KW
Wind turbine Max. power 30KW
Wind turbine rated voltage AC380V-400V
Function Rectifier,control,DC   output
Automatic protection function Over   voltage protection, network electric cut off protection, regulated supply   output, arrester
Manual function  Manual brake, reset, emergency switch
Display mode LCD
Display content Wind   turbine voltage, current, power; Solar voltage, current, power; DC output   voltage, DC output current, DC output power, total power.
PWM constant voltage ≥520dc
Time-lapse of the wind turbine 3-phase dump load2 12-20   min
PWM dump load fuse 50A
Fuse of DC output 63A
Work environment temperature -30-60°C
Relative humidity <90% No condensation
 Noise (1m) <40dB
Degree of protection IP20(Indoor)  IP65 (Outdoors)
Cooling method Forced   air cooling
Communication interface (optional) RS485/USB/GPRS/WIFI/Ethernet
Temperature compensation(optional) -4mv/°C/2V,-35°C~+80°C,Accuracy:±1°C
Size of the controller (mm) 580*400*240
Weight of the controller 25Kg
Size of the dump load (mm) 690*450*530
Weight of the dump load 41Kg

Optional APP function:


Project Sample

On grid project sample 1

On grid project sample 2

On grid project sample 3

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