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EEA1 1000W Wind/Solar Hybrid Controller Off-grid

EEA1 controllers adopt three-phase dump load control, total power of three-phase dump load is 200% larger than the rated power of the wind turbine.

EEA1 1000W Wind/Solar Hybrid Controller  Off-grid

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     ◆ The product can be manufactured in accordance with either JB/T6939.1-2004 industrial standard, GB/T 19115.1-2003 national standard or users’ technical requirements.

     ◆ EEA1 controllers adopt three-phase dump load control.

     ◆ The total power of three-phase dump load is 200% larger than the rated power of the wind turbine. Ensure safe operation of the overall wind turbine system.

     ◆ When the batteries group damaged or be disjointed, the three-phase dump load will automatically start to avoid the idle run of the wind turbine and the occurrence of runaway accident.

     ◆ It has reverse connection, anti-decoupling and damage-resisting protection of the battery.

     ◆ Over-charging protection of the battery: When the battery is full (the battery pressure reaching 125% of the rated pressure), the controller will automatically carry out three-phase dump load to stop charging the battery.

     ◆ Auto recovery of battery charging: When the battery pressure reduces to 108% of the rated pressure, the dump load will stop three-phase dump load to automatically recover battery charging.

     ◆ For the different wind turbine type, the controller can be equipped with mechanical yawing, furled empennage, mechanical or hydraulic, pneumatic, electric magnetic and other brake functions.

     ◆ The controller is equipped with manual three-phase dump load switch. To using this switch, the wind turbine will carry out three-phase dump load forcibly.

Technical Parameters

Type 1KW24Vdc 1KW-48Vdc
Wind turbine rated power 1KW 1KW
Wind turbine max. power 2KW 2KW
Solar panel power 300W 300W
Battery 24Vdc 48Vdc
Function Rectifier,charge,   control
Wind turbine 3-phase dump load voltage 29±1Vdc 58±1Vdc
Wind turbine 3-phase brake voltage 30±1Vdc 60±1Vdc
Wind turbine Recovery charging voltage 27±1Vdc 54±1Vdc
Solar controller stop charging voltage 30±1Vdc 60±1Vdc
Solar restore charge voltage 27±1Vdc 54±1Vdc
Low-voltage of the battery 20±1Vdc 40±1Vdc
Self-provided connecting wire of the battery >10mm² >4mm²
Work environment temperature -30-60°C
Relative humidity <90% No condensation
Noise (1m) <40dB
Degree of protection IP20(Indoor)
Cooling method Forced   air cooling
Size of the controller (mm) 440*350*255
Weight of the controller 9Kg
Size of the dump load (mm) 340*280*170
Weight of the dump load 4.5Kg

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