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The working of batteries in wind/solar power system

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    As the energy storage equipment of the wind-solar hybrid power generation system, the battery plays a very important role in the entire power generation system. As the natural wind and solar power are unstable, in the case of excessive wind and solar, store the excess power supplied.


    When the wind and solar are not good, the battery of the energy storage equipment can be used as the power supply for the loading. Also, the battery has a filter. It can make the power generation system output electric energy to the load more smoothly. In addition, wind power and photovoltaic power are easily affected by the climate and the environment. The power generated is different at different times, and there are great differences.


    As the "center" between them, the battery can connect them well, integrate solar energy and wind energy, and realize the complementary role between the two. Commonly used batteries are mainly lead-acid batteries, alkaline nickel batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries. With the continuous development of electric energy storage technology, more and more new energy storage methods have been generated, such as superconducting energy storage, supercapacitor energy storage, fuel cells and so on.


    Because of its low cost, simple use, convenient maintenance, abundant raw materials, and continuous progress and improvement in technology, lead-acid batteries have been widely used in small wind power and photovoltaic power generation 


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